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Milliken adds Millad clarifying agent to Sunware’s food containers

Milliken has announced the addition of its Millad NX 8000 polypropylene (PP) clarifying agent to Sunware's new E-Claire Fresh keepers food containers, which offer consumers a new line of Bisphenol-A free (BPA-free) boxes with better functional benefits.

Milliken’s Millad NX 8000 supports lower injection molding temperatures for clarified PP, resulting in shorter cycle times and a sustainable production process for the new storage range.

According to Milliken, the clarified PP is used for both lids and containers in sizes from 0.5l to 3.8l, designed in accordance with Sunware’s goal to develop storage solutions that provide a ‘perfectly organized’ feeling to consumers.

The microwaveable E-Claire Freshkeepers from Sunware are dishwasher-proof and BPA-free.

Sunware technical director André Jacobs said the company was on lookout for a material that could give a clarity appearance and functional edge to its new product line.

"With Millad NX 8000 we have been able to use PP to take the visual appeal and performance of this new line to a whole new level," Jacobs said.