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Metabolix introduces new biobased polymeric performance additive

Biopolymers manufacturer Metabolix has introduced new biobased polymeric performance additive, I6003rp for recycled polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

According to the company, the additive makes processing torque easier while improving properties.

Metabolix stated that PVC, which is entering the waste stream, comes from short-life products such as packaging, bottles and medical devices, as well as from long-life products such as pipes, window frames and cable insulation.

Metabolix biopolymers vice president Bob Engle said PVC recycling rate is very slow as compared to the amount that is landfilled every year.

"Due to deterioration in physical properties when reprocessed, scrap PVC is downgraded and devalued," Engle added.

"I6003rp is a performance-driven additive that improves toughness and makes processing easier, enabling PVC converters to increase the rate of recycle use without compromising hardness. PVC Repro suppliers can upgrade the quality and value of Repro products."

The company will exhibit its I6003rp and I6001 PVC modifiers, Mvera B5010, a new compostable film grade resin, as well as other additional biobased master batch and bio-composite resin products at At K 2013.

The event will be held from 16-23 October 2013 at Dusseldorf in Germany.