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Melitta launches milk drink in SIG carton pack

Germany-based coffee specialist Melitta has announced the launch of its coffee flavored milk drinks ‘Wake’ in SIG Combibloc’s combifitSmall 250 ml carton packs, in Brazil. The packaged ready to drink is ideal for mobile consumers.

The sturdy, slender carton pack combifit comes in all format sizes and curves outward at the front and inward at the back making the pack easy to hold. The packs can be arranged one behind each other in a space-saving manner, on the sales shelf and during transportation.

The carton pack comes with an ergonomic design that gives it a firm grip and also makes it easy to handle.

According to SIG, combifitSmall, which is provided with a U-shaped drinking straw with a diameter of 8mm, has been designed as a convenient packaging solution for out-of-home consumption and is aimed at the adult target group and at children.

The Wake milk mix drinks are filled using a co-packer’s CFA 712 filling machine, which are also supplied by SIG. The equipment comprises a filling machine that has been designed to produce 12,000 packages an hour.

The coffee flavored beverages are available in Toffee, Mocca and Chocoberry (white chocolate and strawberry) flavors.