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Massey University researchers to improve food products packaging

New Zealand government has awarded $5.1m to two researchers of Massey University to assist them in improving the packaging of export food products.

Modelling tools will be developed by the Institute of Food, Nutrition and Human Health senior post-harvest scientist Dr Andrew East, and School of Engineering and Advanced Technology professor John Bronlund to design better packaging solutions to export food products.

Dr East said that cardboard boxes are crucial in the supply chain to export food and other products.

Professor Bronlund said that the project is important, as large number of New Zealand produces gets exported in a cardboard box.

"There are lots of things you can vary such as the geometry of the box itself and the types of materials that are used to make it, and all those things are going to impact the functionality of the packaging – the strength of it, how air flows around it, and the cost of it,’ Bronlund added.