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Lumson introduces two new plastic bottles

Italian-based Lumson has come up with two new plastic bottles of 200ml and 250ml with a slightly elliptical shape.

The ‘Wave’ bottles actually show a light ‘wave’, a design specially conceived by Lumson to make the packaging more dynamic and user-friendly and also offer a easy to use pack to the end consumer, said the company.

The Wave bottles, which are made in HDPE, can be personalized with mass coloring and screenprinting decorations to obtain a graphic result with a strong visual impact enhancing the image of a brand.

Lumson has given the same attention to its closure ‘Flip Top Wave’ which is a one-body styled cap creating a bottle with a unique design object customizable in two different colors.

The bottle and cap are expressly for the personal care market: cleansing, sun-tanning lotions and hair treatments.

According to the company, it is easy to combine the 200 and 250ml bottles to use as a shampoo, a conditioner, a cleansing lotion, a body lotion, a tanning, an aftersun lotion, etc.