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Lorenz chooses Bosch equipment for snack packs

Bosch Packaging Technology has reportedly provided Lorenz with packaging integrated packaging system to safely pack the NicNac snacks with both primary and secondary packaging, using the SVE 2510 AT Twin and the Elematic 3000 S respectively.

According to the firm, the primary packaging equipment makes 100 block-bottom bags per minute with filling levels of 125g, along with the production of 60XXL pillow bags per minute with a filling level of 250g, reported

According to Bosch, the SVE is an economic solution whose compact design allows easy operation and maintenance, which is based on the slim machine principle.

Bosch Packaging Technology product manager Bernhard Vaihinger claimed the equipment is quite compact in design with a high-speed output but gentle handling.

Lorenz underlined the importance of secondary packaging as it mainly transports snack products, adding that the pillow-like and block-bottom bags with a protective hood, particularly the latter, have been introduced for catching the consumer’s attention.