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LINPAC Packaging unveils new range of rigid tray vacuum skin pack solutions

Europe’s leading multi-material packaging manufacturer, LINPAC Packaging, has extended its reach into the Middle Eastern market with a contract to supply its new Vacuum Skin Pack solutions (VSP) to one of Saudi Arabia’s largest chicken producers.

LINPAC Packaging will supply PET skin trays following a major chicken producer’s investment in two Mondini VSP packaging lines with the prospect of extending production to a further four lines.

LINPAC reports that the customer expects volume to grow significantly over the next three years as Saudi Arabian poultry consumption is a massive 45 kg per person per year, second only to Qatar being the highest consumption country in the world. The market is also moving rapidly from frozen (largely imported) birds to fresh poultry, locally produced and slaughtered to Islamic Rites.

LINPAC Packaging will deliver its new range of rigid Vacuum Skin Pack (VSP) solutions which ensure significantly improved product protection and extended shelf-life of meat by as much as three days. That is a very important figure for retailers as it brings improved inventory and order management, as well as production efficiency.

Adam Barnett, LINPAC Packaging Vice President of Sales, said: "This is a very significant partnership we are creating and further extends our footprint in the Middle East which is rapidly growing economically as shoppers adopt a more western approach to retailing.

"Our innovative rigid and foam vacuum skin pack solutions provide enhanced consumer appeal, shelf space efficiency and maximum protection to products during transit and in store. The preformed tray also gives a higher quality look and feel to packs and this, combined with the extended shelf life provided by this design, means our customers are getting the very best from their packaging."

LINPAC Packaging VSP solutions, delivered in partnership with leading packaging machine manufacturers, offer the packer a flexible and highly efficient packaging line that is suitable for both large and small run lengths. They give retailers a great looking pack which can be attractively branded and displayed shingled, vertical or by the inclusion of a Euroslot, hung to maximize shelf space efficiency.

With VSP retailers and brands can create outstanding and attractive product presentation and differentiation; easy-to-open peel options and a range of unique pack formats.

The technology LINPAC Packaging has developed means that its range of trays can deliver multiple packaging material formats on one tray sealing platform. Crucially, the same machine can skin pack a normal tray for sliced and cooked meats; protruding skin packs for steaks, chops and chicken breasts; and super protruding for joints and whole chickens.