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Linpac Packaging develops protective bakery boxes

Linpac Packaging has developed a new range of hinged bakery boxes, the LeanBake range for morning goods. The range consists of hermetic (airtight) as well as semi-hermetic boxes.

The LeanBake containers are suitable for croissants, Danish pastries, tarts and muffins, and are available in various sizes. They have been designed to help keep products fresh.

According to the UK-based company, the hermetic boxes have been developed for sponge-based products to keep moisture within the pack enabling the products to stay fresh for longer.

Standard boxes are vented on three sides slightly to allow air to circulate and ensure that pastry products such as croissants and Danish pastries do not lose their crispiness.

Linpac Packaging European bakery marketing manager Megan Ashcroft said the design enables the containers to be lighter and will not affect the rigidity and protective qualities of the packs.

"This is something which bakers and manufacturers have been asking for, to minimise their costs and impact on the environment," Ashcroft said.

The company designed the LeanBake range in such a way that the boxes stack easily and uniformly to assist in the production process.

Even distribution of material is also possible in order to maintain product quality and also the visibility associated with PET, the company said.

The corner radius design assists with the opening of the packs, improving ease of use for the consumer, and the external dimensions of the boxes have been adapted so that they fit on the standard European pallet.