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Linpac Packaging develops domed pizza bases

Linpac Packaging has developed a new range of domed pizza bases in a bid to address the problem of toppings tumbling to the bottom of the pack when pizzas are vertically displayed on the shelf.

The dome design, which is shallow, helps to keep toppings spread across the pizza uniformly, allowing the consumers to view the ingredients inside clearly.

According to the UK firm, manufactured from EPS, the bases are available with optional ventilation holes to prevent pizza dough from becoming soggy. They are part of its new Freshware range for the chilled retail prepared and convenience foods market.

Linpac Packaging marketing manager Megan Ashcroft said when traditional flat pizza bases are stood vertically the toppings begin to slide down the face of the pizza, gathering at the pack’s bottom.

"The impact of food presentation is lost and retailers can miss out on potential sales. The novel dome shape of our new pizza bases solves this problem whilst still allowing retailers to make optimum use of shelf space," Ashcroft said.

The new bases are the second packaging solution to be developed by the company for pizzas under the Freshware label.

Linpac collaborated with a supermarket retailer to design and develop a pizza disc with a squared base to enable shingling of the pizza on the shelf.