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LBP and Henkel partner to create hot-cup sleeve

Hot beverage solutions provider LBP Manufacturing and Henkel adhesive have teamed up to manufacture a new hot-cup EarthSleeve for the Starbucks Coffee Company in the US.

The new EarthSleeve, which is currently being introduced into Starbucks locations across the US and Canada, integrates technology that enables a cut down in overall raw fiber material by 34% and increase of post-consumer content by 25%.

The product has been approved by the Western Michigan University for repulpability and offers significant decreases in raw material makeup and a new total usage of 85% post-consumer fiber content.

It allows for a case cube and truckload yield improvement of 15%, reducing the overall environmental impact of the transportation of the sleeves.

LBP president Matthew Cook said the product represents a new level of innovation in packaging performance, sustainability and corporate social responsibility, which the company can expect in the future.

"We are very excited about the opportunities the combined vision and resources of Starbucks, Henkel and LBP have proven what they together can deliver with EarthSleeve™," Cook added.