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Kush Bottles’ containers granted product safety approval in US

Kush Bottles has announced that the company's bottles received approval form the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission as they meet the child-safe packaging standards.

The approval has been granted in the Colorado region as well as other states with legal or medical marijuana programs.

Kush Bottles COO Nicholas Kovacevich said the company is clear choice for anyone involved in dispensing medical or legal marijuana.

"We are the largest distributor in North America with an exclusive line of high quality, child safe packaging and bottles, made in the US with FDA-approved materials," Kovacevich added.

The move comes after the child-safe packaging requirements have been legislated, debated and mandated throughout the country.

"As other states move toward legalizing medical or recreational marijuana, we urge them to hold the industry to the highest standards and implement regulations that help assure child safety."

Kush Bottles distributes medical grade containers for the natural health and medical marijuana industries and supplies pharmaceutical-grade bottles in both Squeeze-Top and Reverse-Cap configurations.