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Kraft partners with Crayola for string cheese packaging

New York-based Kraft has teamed up with Crayola for a joint promotion to replace Kraft and Polly-O brand string-cheese pouches with colorful crayon boxes.

Aimed at purchasers of both string cheese and Crayola crayon products, its primary packaging, comprising a nylon coextruded forming web and a polyester/sealant nonforming film web, is reverse flexo-printed with the image of a crayon in one of six Crayola colors on each of the individual cheese sticks, according to Packaging World.

The outer pouch packaging, which is a polyester/polyethylene lamination, is decorated to mimic a Crayola crayon box, and comes with the yellow background and pattern of green diagonal lines at the bottom.

In the center of the package, a clear film window makes the colorful crayons visible.

It has been launched in Pittsburgh initially.