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Kian and Evgeny Morgalev create recyclable packaging

Russian brand agency Kian and a designer Evgeny Morgalev have come together to created a cardboard egg box, Gogol Mogol which can cook an egg without water.

Created with special chemical layers that produce heat when activated, the Gogol Mogol is a single-use cardboard egg box, where each individual package for an egg is made from recycled cardboard with several layers, according to

Kian spokesperson said the product is a normal egg in an unusual package, where the eggs can be cooked in a couple of minutes after which the package can be disposed of, as it cannot be used more than once.

Once a tag is removed from the container, it creates a chemical reaction, causing the small package to warm up and cook the egg in just two minutes.

"Gogol Mogol is an eco-friendly project, so we believe the consumer of these eggs would be someone who supports the environment and has a healthy lifestyle," spokesperson said.

"It takes two or three minutes to boil and may be opened when you think it’s done, some people prefer hard-boiled eggs and other like lightly cooked eggs.