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Just Label It endorses food labeling initiative

Just Label It (JLI) has announced its formal support of the ballot initiative ‘Yes on Prop 37- California Right to Know’ that enables California voters to vote for mandatory labeling of GE foods in fall 2012.

JLI chairman Gary Hirshberg said the coalition backs the Californians who are working for genetically engineered food labeling.

"Every American deserves the right to know what is in the food we eat and feed our families. All of us should show our support by joining ‘Yes on Prop 37- California Right to Know," Hirshberg said.

JLI extends its support to Prop 37 as it is working to expand the right to know for a key segment of the US population.

JLI director David Bancroft said: "JLI, whose efforts are focused on the federal level, supports GE foods labeling efforts in the states because they are a step on the path towards finding a solution that ultimately will have to be made on the national level."