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IDC & Naarmann commence milk project in Pakistan

Privatmolkerei Naarmann has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a Pakistani distribution company to start the importation of European ultra-high-temperature (UHT) milk into Pakistan – all in bag-in-box packages fitted with The Answer tap manufactured by International Dispensing Corporation (IDC, IDND).

The Answer is the world’s only aseptic dispensing tap. It can safely dispense UHT liquid foods, including dairy products, while maintaining shelf-stability of the remaining contents for an extended time period without refrigeration.

Naarmann will ship into Pakistan top European-quality UHT milk with six months shelf life, and more importantly guarantee 10 days of ambient non-refrigerated dispensing with The Answer. This is both commercially significant and a global breakthrough for milk preservation and safety.

A fast-growing foodservice market coupled with the Government of Punjab’s recent campaign to introduce minimum pasteurization laws makes the timing excellent.

Naarmann will have exclusive rights to import The Answer into Pakistan, per the conditions of the MOU.

Pakistan is the world’s 4th largest dairy market; 40 billion liters of milk per year are consumed by nearly 200 million people. The Pakistani market is very conducive to a large-format aseptic package that ensures product safety and integrity without refrigeration for its entire use-life. More than 22 billion liters of unprocessed milk (often ladeled from open vats into plastic bags) are sold commercially in milk shops, and millions of large households consume over 20 liters per week. Naarmann’s bulk bag-in-box package with The Answer offers not just a cost-competitive solution, but also a unique closed system that is safe, sanitary, and unadulterated.

Target markets include foodservice, home delivery, and the large segment of unprocessed “loose milk” sold in shops around the country. Volumes are likely to be significant with any measure of commercial acceptance. Production is expected to commence in May 2017.

Claus Naarmann, CEO of Naarmann, states, “We are very excited about the opportunities that our cost effective packaging solution for high-quality milk will generate in Pakistan, and are gearing up for a long-term presence there. The Answer truly is the answer for dairy safety and quality, especially in markets lacking refrigeration.”

Greg Abbott, IDC’s Chairman and CEO, agrees: “IDC and Naarmann have a strong collaboration and a great strategic fit, and together we are making history. We intend to build a robust and flourishing business in Pakistan, to transform this enormous market for the better and make a monumental contribution to food safety.”