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Henkel launches two new laminating adhesives for food packages

Henkel has announced the launch of two new solvent-based laminating adhesives, Liofol LA 3963-21 and Liofol LA 3643-21, which can increase the resistance of food packages to acidic and other aggressive contents.

According to the German company, the new adhesive systems are used with hardener LA 6063-21. They are suited for multi-layer laminates constructed with aluminum foils and for laminates intended for pasteurizable or retortable foods.

Liofol LA 3963-21 allows solids content of up to 50% in the working mixture, enabling use of less solvent, and helps to improve the sustainability of the packaging materials.

With the reduction in the amount of solvent required, users can reduce material costs as well as their energy consumption as less drying power is required. Liofol LA 3963-21 does not carry an R40 label.

Both the polyurethane-based adhesive systems contain adhesion promoter, which does not block the cells of the anilox roller, making it easier to keep the adhesive’s application weight constant over the entire surface to be laminated.

The new adhesive systems have high temperature resistance after curing and can also withstand high atmospheric humidity compared to conventional systems.