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Gruene Steam unveils new packaging concept for mops

US-based steam mop provider Gruene Steam has unveiled new packaging concepts for its environmentally-friendly floor cleaners that include new product images as well as a pictorial breakdown of the uses of steam mop.

The packaging is attention-grabbing and comes with catchphrase ‘Go Gruene’ which features a unique black, white and green color palette to emphasize the many green aspects of steam cleaning.

The new design also showcases the ‘2-N-1’ feature of the Gruene Steam mop. The mop easily converts into a handheld steamer with a variety of attachments for added versatility. Each steam mop comes standard with a garment hand tool, squeegee hand tool, multiple nylon brushes, a scraper nozzle, a wire brush and a direct jet nozzle.

The wide variety of attachments allows the Gruene Steam mop to be transformed into a multi-functional household tool that can not only effectively clean floors, but also remove wallpaper, clean grills, steam wrinkles out of garments, clean tile and grout, clean golf clubs and more.

Through the use of nature’s disinfectant, steam, the Gruene steam mop and steam cleaner quickly and effectively cleans and sanitizes surfaces without harsh chemicals that could endanger pets and children.

The mop and steam cleaner is compatible with any type of household cloth, making costly replacement pads unnecessary. The product uses flash heating to immediately heat the steam to 212 degrees Fahrenheit without the need for a warm-up period commonly used with traditional steam mops.