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Glue Dot International unveils pressure-sensitive adhesive applicator

Glue Dot International (GDI) has introduced an adhesive applicator with a refillable design that is an alternative to hot melt glue guns and cumbersome tape pads.

According to the firm, QuickDot Pro is a durable and compact adhesive applicator engineered for instantly applying to the right substrate at the required time, and comes with an invisible bond that protects the brand integrity with an invisible seal, reported

The QDP-7100 adhesive pattern offers an instant and permanent bond through a design that is specifically engineered for corrugated food and beverage packaging repair through the right adhesive shape and pattern, the firm said.

Glue Dots International general manager Bruce Church said when food and beverage packs are broken, it prolongs the returns, and QuikDot Pro has been unveiled as an on-the-go alternative to conventional tape pads and high temperature glue guns.

"This applicator and custom adhesive formula offers a new market for Glue Dots International products, and we are excited about the opportunities it will open for our prospective customers and distributors." added Church.