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Global Vision launches new proofreading system for pharma industry

Canada-based Global Vision has launched its new ScanTVS for the pharma industry, which can be combined with Contex wide format scanners for the inspection of proofs, labels, cartons, inserts and nested press sheets.

The new proofreading system prevents costly mistakes, besides saving customers time and inspects hard copy proofs for print defects, missing or broken elements and color differences. It can pick up critical differences and cuts down the chance for costly errors.

According to Contex, the scanners ensure the representation of the large, hard copy documents and packaging components of the users.

Global Vision president Reuben Malz commenting on the new product said, "We tried other scanners and found that the Contex scanners produce the most accurate representation. The quality of the images is consistent, which is important when customers validate our system."

The Contex scanner can detect the size of the documents automatically to scan, making it user-friendly.