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Global Factories MDM from Manrex interfaces top Canadian Packaging Machines

Canada-based Manrex has interfaced the Global Factories MDM (Medication Detection Machine), the first to the Canadian marketplace, to all three leading providers of ATP (Automated Tablet Packaging) machines in Canada, including: Sanyo (TCGRx), Yuyama (Automed) and Pac-Med (JV-Medi) machines.

In addition to these interfaces, the MDM now also reads all forms of barcode styles, including Aztec.

Manrex was the first company to introduce a pouch verification system to the Canadian market. Since this time, MDM technology, which has been in use for over eight years around the world, has been implemented coast to coast across Canada and remains the only patented medication detection machine available today, verifying over one million pouches a day worldwide.

Manrex sales manager Ben Szuuts said that the company has independents, chain pharmacies and health regions all committed to ensuring medication dispensing accuracy through the use of the MDM. In addition, Manrex has also remained in a vendor neutral position, ensuring the most advanced technology be available to anyone committed to patient safety.