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GFB introduces new power breakfast range in innovative packaging

Michigan-based Gluten Free Bar (GFB) has launched its new breakfast food line in unique package folds flat for easy portability.

According to the gluten-free snacks producer, a consumer can just remove the top of the package of the Power Breakfast product and fill it with hot water to make it ready for eating.

GFB further adds that the unique package of the Power Breakfast range folds flat to make it convenient for portability. The package pops open to form a bowl that can be put into microwave for warming up and can be recycled after its contents are consumed.

GFB co-founder and partner Elliott Rader said: “We are stepping outside of the box with this packaging and we think this brings some sorely needed innovation to the oatmeal category.

“We wanted to provide our consumers with a healthy breakfast option without compromising on taste or convenience. Power Breakfast is easy to make at the office, at home or out in the wilderness while camping.”

GFB has launched the Power Breakfast range in five varieties that are Coconut Cashew, PB+J, Apple Cinnamon, Fruits, Nuts, and Seeds and Maple Raisin. The product range can be found across natural health food stores.

GFB says that each of the Power Breakfast variety packs high-protein oatmeal with no added sugar besides containing a healthy blend of delicious add-ins like sun-ripened fruit, seeds and nuts.

The suggested retail price of the Power Breakfast products is $2.49 per 2-ounce package.

Recently, GFB had launched its gluten-free Gluten-Free Bites, claimed to be filled with all the benefits of their traditional bar counterparts, but produced in bite-size form.

Apart from the new range of Bites, GFB continues to manufacture its original product which is The Gluten Free Bar.

Image: The Gluten Free Bar puts delicious spin on traditional oatmeal with New Power Breakfast. Photo: courtesy of The Gluten Free Bar (GFB)/PRNewswire.