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Gates releases bottling industry infographic

Diversified industrial company Gates has released a new bottling industry infographic which synthesizes extensive beverage industry research.

The company has included quick-hit, easy-to-digest content on preventive maintenance, minimizing downtime, while increasing energy savings.

Gates’ infographic highlights some of the challenges faced by beverage managers such as downtime costs as much as $200 per minute.

For bottling managers, the total impact could be millions of dollars in lost revenue, as the average bottling facility has up to 50 drives per production line.

Gates marketing director Mike Haen said plant managers are busy and do not have time to investigate as to what is draining their bottom line.

"We’ve done the research for them and have presented it in a way that they can quickly read, absorb, and act on," Haen added.

Gates offers solutions that address bottling plants’ problems such as maintenance-free Poly Chain belt drives, Gates Food and Beverage Master with Sanitron tube, and stainless steel or nickel-plated sprockets and couplings.