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Frito-Lay unveils Cheetos Crunchy brand in limited-edition packaging

Snacks manufacturer Frito-Lay has unveiled its Cheetos Crunchy brand in limited-edition treat-size packages.

According to the company, the Cheetos snacks are offered in 30-count multipacks throughout the US. The cost of per snack bag is fixed at $5.

In absence of light, the snack pack’s background turns black and the consumers can see company’s brand and its official mascot Chester Cheetah printed on the pack’s front side glow.

The glowing effect can be maximized by placing packs under a bright light for a few seconds, said the company.

Frito-Lay vice president of marketing Ram Krishnan told to popsop that the Cheetos Crunchy brand brings out the fun and mischievous, and so does Halloween.

"We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to learn more about how our fans are celebrating this year while introducing our new glow-in-the-dark packaging, perfect for the holiday," added Krishnan.