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Fowler Products unveils new capping head

Fowler Products, a division of the US-based Pro Mach has launched its new capping head designed for both new Fowler/Zalkin capping machines and as a retrofit for existing Fowler/Zalkin applications.

The quick-release capping head has been launched for companies operating in the distilled spirits, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries that use the same capping machine for various types and sizes of roll-on, press-on and screw-on caps.

According to the company, the capping head features a precisely fitted bayonet-style mount that comes with a slide-and-lock head and eliminates the possibility of cross threading. It also saves considerable time during changeovers.

Fowler sales and marketing manager Andy Monroe said as there is a renewed interest in running multiple closure formats on the same machine in the spirits, pharmaceutical and chemical industries specifically, the development of the new style of coupling is timely.

"It was quite a challenge for us to design a head coupling that delivered quick-change but we’re proud that this new head meets all of the performance criteria required by roll-on and press-on, and screw-on applications," Monroe added.