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Formatech Selects VM206 Cancer Vaccine For Fillanthropy Program

To donate services to formulate and fill viromed’s VM206 Vaccine targeting breast cancer

Formatech has selected the next candidate as ViroMed’s VM206 therapeutic cancer vaccine for its Fillanthropy Program. Under the Fillanthropy Program, Formatech will donate the services required to aseptically fill and finish one lot of the vaccine to support ViroMed’s upcoming clinical trials. Formatech plans to complete the production run in March 2010.

Jeffrey Bernard, director of business development at Formatech, said: “We’re excited to have the opportunity to work with ViroMed on this program. VM206 is a plasmid DNA vaccine that targets HER2/neu positive breast cancer. Animal studies have demonstrated the vaccine’s ability to eliminate tumors and to prevent relapse and metastases. We are hopeful and optimistic that VM206 will prove to be effective in human trials.”

Sunyoung Kim, Co-CEO of ViroMed, said: “We would like to thank Formatech and the Fillanthropy Program for choosing to support ViroMed’s development of VM206. We believe that our goal to develop medicines for diseases for which there are no current effective treatments is in line with the program’s mission of helping to make new drugs available as soon as possible.”