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Fatboy recalls Desswerrum hot-water bottle

Research has shown that the Fatboy Desswerrum Hot-water bottle unfortunately does not always meet the quality standards.

As Fatboy has very high demands for the quality of its products, it was decided to remove the Desswerrum hot-water bottle from the product range until further notice.

Fatboy will offer users of the Desswerrum hot-water bottle a replacement hot-water bottle.

It is Fatboy’s belief that its customers should always be able to rely on a great product. Fatboy regrets this situation and sincerely apologises to its customers and partners for the inconvenience.

During an investigation, Fatboy established that the Desswerrum hot-water bottle does not always meet the requirements for hot-water bottles laid down by British Standard BS 1970:2006. The rubber hot-water bottle may leak while in use, which could result in burns.

As a precaution, Fatboy requests all users to stop using this hot-water bottle.

Fatboy aims to be very careful and informed the local authorities prior to the recall. Desswerrum hot-water bottle users are contacted through various channels to inform them of the recall.