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Farley’s & Sathers announces plans after merger with Ferrara Candy

Farley's & Sathers, a packaging and distribution firm, has announced on June 25 that it will shut down operations in Round Lake, Minnesota, following merger plans with Ferrara Candy.

Catterton Partners, owners of Farley’s & Sathers, announced their merger with Ferrara Candy in the middle of June, with measures to consolidate facilities and plans for setting up headquarters in Chicago.

The current head office would close in a phased manner beginning this summer, with job cuts starting around August, and the entire shutdown would complete in spring of 2013.

Packaging and distribution facilities of Ferrara Candy at Chattanooga would be integrated into the existing facilities in the Nobles County.

According to Ferrara Candy, it has plans to create a general line candy manufacturer that grows faster and reaches out to the next level of innovation.

Round Lake Mayor Keith Stubbe expressed concerns about the job cuts that have been happening since 2010 in the warehousing and packaging sections, and is eager to have the vacant offices and warehouses to be occupied at the soonest.