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Faerch Plast unveils PET packaging for meat and poultry trays

Faerch Plast has launched the new MAPET II mono packaging, produced from MONO amorphous polyethylene terephthalate or MAPET, which offers better sealability compared to its predecessor MAPET I.

Developed primarily for manufacturing trays for meat and poultry, the MAPET II has similar properties as multi-layer materials.

Initially, the product will be used for top sealed fresh meat products and its application will be further extended for various chilled foods & snacks products such as biscuits and cakes.

Faerch Plast extruded an APET mono sheet, thermoformed the tray using its standard production process and integrated a robot station at which a specially developed adhesive is rolled on to the sealing flange, to produce the MAPET II packaging .

The adhesive has been developed by Faerch Plast and is approved for direct contact with food at temperatures up to 40°C.