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FaceTory releases limited edition men’s sheet mask box

FaceTory, the subscription service that delivers curated boxes filled with Korean sheet masks right to subscribers' doorsteps, has officially released a limited edition box for men.

There will be a limited launch for the very first box, which will start shipping mid-March. This box is now available.

"FaceTory has noticed an upward trend in men entering the beauty scene. Whether it be fashion, makeup, skincare, or Kbeauty, men are now having a huge influence in the once predominantly female industry. But even with this upward trend, there are not very many products or resources tailored specifically towards men's skin types and skin concerns. So we at FaceTory wanted to change that by providing a box of sheet masks curated specifically to men!" says Chan, FaceTory co-founder.

Each box is catered towards all skin types for men from oily to dry to combination. The six sheet masks inside are strategically chosen by our sheet mask junkies to make sure every man has something for his skin. Men using makeup is on the rise and so are men using sheet masks!

The Box:

The FaceTory men's subscription box will contain six sheet masks for $24.95 per box. Every box contains an insert with directions as well as descriptions that detail the function and purpose of each mask.

Curation Process:

Every month we scour the Korean sheet mask market for fun and popular masks that have little to no exposure in the western market. But recently, we noticed there was a new trend of men adding sheet masks to their skincare routine. So we decided to take the latest and most trending men's sheet masks from Korea and become the first to expose them to consumers here in the western market.