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EXTENDO to introduce barrier films for food packaging

German film manufacturer, EXTENDO will introduce new barrier and ultra-high-barrier films using BOPP technology for the food and pharma industry.

The barrier films, OTR<15cm³/m² d bar and ultra-high-barrier films, OTR<0,5cm³/m² d bar are manufactured from BOPP. The manufacturer will also offer BOPLA films, produced on the basis of renewable raw materials.

The films are produced using technological methods such as biaxial stretching, co-extrusion, and coating with aqueous solutions, which make it possible to produce thin and robust composite films with gas and water-vapour barriers.

According to the company, the new films can be applied in almost every area of food-packaging and are also ideally suitable as secondary packaging in the area of medical technology. The new packaging preserve foodstuffs from spoiling and prevent the migration of mineral oils.

The packaging also provides solutions for coffee and powdered drinks packaging, as lid and flow-pack-film for meat, poultry, and cheese, or in the area of snacks and dried products.