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EU implements ban on Bisphenol A in infant bottles

The European Union (EU) said baby bottles containing Bisphenol A (BPA) will have to be removed from the shelves in stores across the European Union from 1 June.

On 1 March, the EU had banned the manufacture of baby bottles containing BPA in the 27-member states. The industry has been withdrawing voluntarily from the market baby bottles containing BPA.

BPA is an organic molecule that is used in the manufacture of polycarbonate plastics, which are used to manufacture plastic materials, such as baby bottles.

Research have revealed that traces of BPA can be released from plastic containers into infant formula inside baby bottles if the containers are heated at high temperatures.

The Chinese government will also prohibit the manufacture of feeding bottles containing BPA from 1 June 2011, while the import and sale of bottles containing BPA will be banned starting from 1 September.

In 2010, France and Denmark had taken national measures to restrict the use of Bisphenol A.