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Esko introduces new software for packaging design

Esko has introduced a new release of ArtiosCAD, version 12, offering a shift in packaging design from 2D to 3D. The software is available in two versions including the standard version and ArtiosCAD 12 Enterprise.

ArtiosCAD 12 the structural packaging design editor in Esko’s software suite, provides tools for 3D design, editing, rendering and visualization and assures that the viability of a package is discovered further upstream in the supply chain. It also provides new tools for packaging design and process integration to help users gain productivity and increase efficiency.

According to the Belgium-based Esko, the software helps users to fill a carton, case or tray with the product to be packaged with a single mouse click and can show the flap priorities of panels, to communicate printable areas for graphic design accurately.

For re-board and multi-wall displays and designs, ArtiosCAD 12 can add edge bands for finished edge calculations and visualization, along with building reverse v-notches with partial cuts for accurate conversion of the materials.

ArtiosCAD 12 consists of the concept of Intelligent Dielines, a set of editing tools that enriches an ArtiosCAD file with detailed panel information such as ‘Copy free’, along with placeholders for barcodes, nutrition facts and other pre-defined artwork.

Brand owners can use the Intelligent Dielines features to communicate brand guidelines within their technical drawings, helping to enhance communications between structural and graphic designers.

ArtiosCAD 12 eliminates the need for structural designers to re-enter data into both systems and supports bi-directional communication between both CAPE and TOPS palletization software packages.