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Equipolymers unveils BPA-free PET resin for bottling applications

Packaging solutions provider Equipolymers has launched new Bisphenol-A free (BPA) polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resin, the BISNEINEX, for large bottling purposes.

Empty Transparent Plastic

BISNEINEX can be used for production of large volume containers through injection molding (IM), stretch blow molding (SBM) and injection stretch blow molding (ISBM) processes, whch use thick-walled pre-forms to decrease the crystallization rate.

The new resin is currently undergoing final application testing process and is clamed to offer better process and bottle performance.

Equipolymers chief operating officer Naser Al Dousari said the new material helps its customers move from polycarbonate to PET while meeting regulatory and consumer demands for a BPA-free plastic.

"The newest addition to our portfolio, BISNEINEX™, demonstrates our commitment to delivering the innovative PET solutions that our customers demand," Al Dousari said

Equipolymers commercial director Antonello Ciotti said as an alternative to polycarbonate (PC), BISNEINEX maintains good aesthetics while eliminating any regulatory or consumer issues related to existing and developing bans of BPA.

"As a benefit for the manufacturer, it requires very minimal changes to existing manufacturing processes, and can be used on PC lines with only minor modifications to the equipment," Ciotti said.

The resin is said to use lower energy for producing large container sizes, offering better processing costs without altering the investments in raw materials.

BISNEINEX is suitable for large container sizes including five gallon and 20l applications and will be made available in limited quantities by fourth quarter of 2013, while the company aims to offer it with expanded production in 2014.


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