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Engel Austria and Cantoni introduces inject2blow for process integration

Austria-based Engel Austria and Cantoni introduced an inject2blow to reduce cycle time and costs for process integration.

The inject2blow method, developed by the two companies, combines the injection molding and blow molding processes into one injection molding machine which significantly reduces time and costs in the manufacture of cosmetic, drug, and food containers, according to Engel Austria.

Engel injection molding machine in a 2+2-cavity mould, produced by Cantoni, Abbadia Lariana, Italy, has a cycle time of under 14 seconds for the manufacture of wide-necked jars on a 90-tonne clamping force ENGEL victory injection molding machine.

Usually Preforms have to be made first and then subjected to a second process on a blow molding machine to become a final product, but with the new process lets small ready-to-use containers to be manufactured in one process.

The inject2blow method can be used to process a wide range of thermoplastics from polyethylene, polypropylene and polycarbonates to PET.