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EDV Packaging creates new design for Hamánek brand’s baby snacks

Spain-based EDV Packaging has landed in the Czech baby food market with Hamé. EDV Packaging and Hamé s.r.o., a food industry company in the Czech Republic, have designed an innovative high barrier plastic cup for the new range of ready-to-eat baby fruit snack for the Hamánek brand.

Giant Hamé has become the first Czech food company to launch a baby fruit snack packed in a plastic cup that can be stored at ambient temperature, thus following the trace of other leading worldwide food companies in its market sector.

EDV Packaging coextrudes and thermoforms the high barrier PP/EVOH/PP translucent structure in its production plants in Llinars del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain.

The robust EVOH layer provides maximum guarantee to long preservation of the packed product without refrigeration. It also ensures ample barrier to oxygen, UV rays, moisture and aromas, thus preserving taste up to 12 months after packaging date, stored at ambient temperature.

The 130g cup has been designed with smooth walls to allow consumers to use all the content. The cup is hermetically thermosealed with a high-barrier peelable transparent film and a reclosable thermoformed overcup is added.

The product is sold out in bi-packs with an attractive decorated carton sleeve. All together, the cup has a significant on-shelf presence and is eye-catching from any side of the supermarket shelves.

The quality and the characteristics of EDV Packaging plastic materials enable the cup to be 100% recyclable and its low weight and high resistance enhance the food package to be very safe, efficient and unbreakable.