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Eastman introduces new polymer for beverage packaging at InterBev 2010

US-based Eastman Chemical Company has introduced new polymer Eastman Aspira copolyester EN177, a recent innovation in multiserve beverage packaging, at InterBev 2010.

Aspira EN177 allows increased design and processing opportunities for large-volume refrigerated beverage, spirit and dairy handleware applications manufactured on high-output platforms.

Providing a quality aesthetic, Eastman Aspira copolyester EN177 offers gloss and glasslike clarity to increase package shelf appeal. Additionally, the design freedom and strength of Aspira EN177 enhance the product appearance and user experience by permitting ergonomic, curvy and intricately designed containers. The material allows designers to create containers with functional handles and volumes of 60 ounces and larger in ways previously unachievable.

Eastman Aspira copolyester EN177 can be processed on all extrusion blow-molding platforms shuttle, wheel and reciprocating screw at industry-standard speeds, offering improved manufacturing efficiency for high-output applications.

Eastman Chemical’s market development manager for food, beverage and consumer packaging, Sam Glover stated that the new product has the potential to change the way brand owners and customers view products within the beverage industry. Packaging created with Aspira EN177 showcases the product inside, rather than simply containing it.

“With this material, brands can reinvent and differentiate themselves and their products by positioning premium, eye-catching merchandise that engages consumers upon contact,” Glover added.