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Dow launches ELITE at 6401 and ELITE at 6402 Sealants at K 2013

The Dow Chemical Company’s Performance Packaging business announced today at the K 2013 fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, it is launching the ELITE AT 6401 and ELITE AT 6402 Enhanced Polyethylene resins.

Dow is pushing the production limits to offer packers to run their lines at very high speeds and expand their packaging window, while maintaining great processability.

The new ELITE AT Enhanced Polyethylene (EPE) Resins are very versatile and can be deployed for a broad range of applications including liquid detergents, pet food and milk or oil. They offer high pack speeds in demanding applications such as liquid tight packaging for coextruded and laminated blown films and offer an remarkable balance of stiffness and toughness.

"The introduction of these Next generation sealants is aligned with Dow’s commitment to innovation and drive to develop technologies that offer a great combination of comfort and performance," said Mark Smith, EMEA Marketing Manager Specialty Packaging and Specialty Plastics. "Packers can pack faster, while expanding their packaging window with a more forgiving resin and still maintain great processability and remarkable hermeticity."

ELITE AT 6401 and ELITE AT 6402 can offer enhanced seal integrity, making it possible to reach bag tightness at high packaging speeds and low sealing temperatures for structures such as BOPP laminates (and this includes lap seals), laminates that are over 100 micron thick or other temperature sensitive laminates.

"These Innovative products are also suitable for demanding coextrusion structures, such as milk and oil pouches, where toughness is key for ensuring sufficient bag drop impact. ELITE AT 6401 and ELITE AT 6402 can offer exeptional bubble stability, supporting high throughput on the extrusion line " said Dr. Jef Van Dun, R&D Fellow, EMEA Packaging & Specialty Plastics TS&D. "We are working with our customers and other parties in the value chain to deepen our understanding on packaging integrity, which supports our efforts to offer continuous innovation in the sealant space".

Dow Performance Packaging is one of the world’s largest flexible and rigid plastic packaging franchises for the food and beverage market, as well as industrial and consumer packaging sectors.