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Domino Foods to introduce two sugar brands in new flip-top package

Domino Foods, a subsidiary of ASR Group, is set to launch Domino Sugar and C&H Sugar in a new easy-to-use flip-top dispenser.


The new Flip-Top package redesign, featuring Quick Dissolve Sugar and Pourable Brown Sugar, has been designed to fit easily into a consumer’s hand.

For the first time, Domino Brownulated Light Brown Sugar will be introduced into the Western US as C&H Pourable Golden Brown Sugar in the flip-top container.

The company discovered in its research that there was an opportunity for a package specifically designed for tabletop usage that would do away with the need to refill a sugar bowl from a larger package.

Following this, the company has started designing of the new package to fit comfortably in the hand, sit on the table, and easily dispense and pour.

According to Domino Foods, Flip-Top packaging is expected to increase the consumer experience for two existing products.

Domino Foods president and CEO Brian O’Malley said the new well-designed bottles are a convenient and attractive sweetener solution.

"The tall and graceful shape fits securely in the hand, allowing the consumer to easily open and dispense the sugar directly onto their food or into drinks, without needing the help of an additional spoon," Malley added.

Currently C&H Superfine Sugar is available in cardboard cartons, while Domino Brownulated Light Brown Sugar is offered in a resealable pouch.

The new Flip-Top canisters will be available in retailers around the country by mid-November.

Image: Domino Foods to unveil two brands in new flip-top container. Photo: courtesy of Domino Sugar.