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Domex modernizes packing and storage facilities in anticipation of new packing facility

US-based Domex Superfresh Growers is developing its packing and storage facilities in expectation of big volumes, as it plans to develop new land area during the next few years.

Domex marketing and communications manager Loren Queen said they had seen a lot of infrastructure projects come up in 2011.

Three major upgrades and two completely new packaging facilities will work together to hike the capacity by more than 33%, according to

The facility will be home to automatic tray fillers and automatic bagging equipment. The line also has sorting capabilities that automatically classifies product destined for the fresh market as whole fruit and apples headed to juice or fresh-cut processing.

"The packing line has been running at capacity," Queen said.

The new packing facility is expected to triple capacity. Domex is also building additional cold storage and controlled atmosphere storage at another Yakima location which would be completed in October 2012.