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DeltaTRAK launches PrimePro pallet covers

US-based DeltaTRAK has announced the launch of its new Prime Pro EAP pallet covers that have been designed to control product ethylene emission thereby extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

PrimePro EAP pallet covers, carton liners, and sheets are plastic polyethylene products containing a proprietary additive that removes ethylene from the air surrounding the fresh produce to slow down the process of ripening and decay.

PrimePro, which is made of a porous, breathable plastic allows the proper exchange of gases through the packaging, which helps prevent the growth of anaerobic bacteria.

DeltaTRAK said using PrimePro EAP, products ensure that produce is delivered with good quality that includes optimum flavor, appearance, and texture.

The plastic film is quick and easy to use and also contains an anti-fog additive to reduce the accumulation of condensation inside the covered produce. The feature is essential for shelf life extension, as excess moisture also causes mold growth which accelerates decay.

DeltaTRAK president and CEO Frederick Wu said the new film enables food manufacturers and processors to be better equipped to control and analyse food quality.