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CTI develops technology for chilled bottle design

Chromatic Technologies (CTI) has enhanced the design of Tuaca liquor with a packaging design that modifies itself with chilling using ink technology.

CTI’s thermochromic process uses cold-activated ink technology to convey messaging to indicate cold temperatures or an extension of the product’s brand.

The design of the lion shifts from a silver color at room temperature to a stunning, vivid blue when chilled to 8° C, when it is ideally served, by virtue of thermochromic inks.

The Perfect Chill bottle was printed by label converter Eurostampa of Italy, while Miller created the custom design.

CTI strategic sales manager Melanie Edwards said Tuaca has a 500-year history, known as a liquer creator for Lorenzo de Medici-ruler of Florence initially.

"Tuaca’s introduction to the U.S. dates back to WWII, when American servicemen brought the recipe home. Since that time, Tuaca’s presence continues to grow in the market and we are, of course, thrilled to play a role in their Perfect Chill campaign." added Edwards.

The Perfect Chill bottle met with positive consumer response since introduction in 2011, the firm claimed.