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Cortec launches multimetal corrosion protection paper

Corrosion control products manufacturer Cortec has launched a multimetal corrosion protection paper, VpCI-144, powered by Nano VpCI.

Built with recyclable and repulpable technology, the new paper is said to be an environmentally safe alternative to polyethylene and wax papers, with water vapor barrier properties.

The paper is coated with a water-based barrier coating and is simple to use. It does not contain chlorine or other bleaching chemicals.

As recommended by FDA, the VpCI-144 is compatible with food processing equipment components and should not be in direct contact with food.

Made with recycled neutral/natural kraft paper, the VpCI-144 combines corrosion protection, moisture barrier properties, and oil and grease resistivity into one step.

The VpCI-144 can be recycled into other types of paper products such as boxes cardboard, and other corrugated materials.

Cortec’s new paper can also be repulped, made into or mixed with pulp to make new paper products. Its thin protective film protects physical properties of electrical and electronic components, including conductivity and resistivity.

Cortec VpCI-144 paper protects products for storage and shipment in several ways such as end closures for shipping tubes, insert strips for recessed areas in large packages, and as sheet liners or separators between products.