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Corrugated Case replaces florescent fittings with new LED lighting

UK-based Corrugated box manufacturer Corrugated Case has announced the replacement of all its existing florescent fittings with LED lighting at its factory to reduce energy costs and Co2 production.


The low energy LED luminaires from MHA Lighting’s CLite range enable the company to save over £60,000 ($95,917) on its lighting energy bills and more than 140 tonnes of Co2.

With a 26-year lifespan, Corrugated Case will be able to save an average annual cost of £2,360 ($3,772).

By adopting LED lighting, the company wants to improve light levels in its factory while reducing on-going lighting energy bills.

Corrugated Case managing director Mark Wilcockson said the company has recently invested more than £500,000 ($799,316) in new printing and die-cutting machinery at its factory.

"With more space and thanks to the greatly enhanced lighting, we are now looking to increase our production capacity by some 20 per cent," added Wilcockson.

Under the project, a total of 33 C120/700 fittings were installed at Corrugated Case’s factory, reducing annual lighting energy consumption from 34,545kW/h to 16,558kW/h, saving £2,132 ($3,408).

According to Corrugated Case, the annual energy bills will therefore be reduced by an average of £1,962 ($3,136).

By installing new LED lighting, MHA Lighting is aiming to reduce Co2 production by 51% in the factory, which is equivalent to product lifetime Co2 savings of 142 tonnes.

With Corrugated Case’s current operating hours of 42 hours a week, 50 weeks per year, the LED fittings offer a lifetime of 15 years with no routine maintenance, saving an average of £230 during products’ lifetime.

Image: Corrugated Case is adopting LED of MHA Lighting