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Consumers prefer steel cans for sustainable food packaging: report

About two-thirds of consumers prefer steel cans for sustainable food packaging, according to a research study conducted by MindClick Global for Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI).

Flat Tin Can

The choice was made as consumers considered sustainability as major factor for purchase package goods companies.

The study revealed that three of four customers opted for steel can based on its features such as recyclability, quality of taste, shelf life, safety and maintaining nutritional value when compared to pouch and carton.

SMDI president Lawrence Kavanagh said steel accounts for two-thirds of packaging material at present for more than 1,500 variations of food, pet food, paint, household products, health and beauty products.

"Steel is the most recyclable material on earth, with 88% of steel being continuously recycled. And unlike cartons and plastics, recycled cans are used over and over for both cans and all other steel application without loss of quality," Kavanagh added.

According to the study, the carton and pouch packaging lacked preference compared to steel cans that has also increased due to the knowledge imparted to the purchasers regarding steel’s sustainability.

Image: Flat Tin Can used for packaging food. Photo: Courtesy of Keerati/