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Coca-Cola Femsa to acquire Brazilian bottler Spaipa

Coca-Cola Femsa, the public bottler of Coca-Cola products, has signed an agreement to acquire 100% of Spaipa bottler in the Brazilian Coca-Cola system in a deal worth $1.8bn.

According to Coca-Cola Femsa, Spaipa’s strategic footprint is a suitable geographic fit which links the company’s operations in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul and São Paulo.

The transaction, which is expected to increase the company’s volume in Brazil by 40%, will allow it to reach 39% of the Coca-Cola system’s volume in the country.

Spaipa sold 233.3 million unit cases of beverages, including beer during the last twelve months ended 30 June 2013, generating about $905m in net revenues.

During 2012, the company sold 236.0 million unit cases of beverages, generating net revenues of about $929m and a pro forma consolidated EBITDA of $152m.

The preliminary estimated amount of synergies to be captured from the deal in the next 18 to 24 months is said to be about $33m at the EBITDA level.

Coca-Cola Femsa chief executive officer Carlos Salazar Lomelín said, "We continue to create a robust platform in Brazil with the acquisition of the second largest privately owned bottler in the system, operating in one of the regions with the highest GDP per capita in the country."