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Coca-Cola claims progress in plant-based PET packaging

Coca-Cola's plant-based PET packaging claimed progress in soft drink and water bottles.

In less than three years, Coke has sold more than 10 billion PlantBottles that contain plant-based mono ethylene glycol, which represents 30% of the weight of a PET bottle, according to

Coca-Cola PlantBottle Sustainable Packaging Platform general manager Scott Vitters said by the end of 2012, 8-10 % of the company’s total resin consumption will be plant-based.

"We don’t know when it will be fully applied but in the next few years, you will see a fully 100 % PlantBottle. We are building out the supply chain to make it a reality. We’re looking at what we can use and what we can’t use to replace petroleum-based feedstocks for PET," Vitters said.