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Chesapeake unveils recyclable dispensing pack for multivitamins range

Chesapeake Leicester and Nottingham have joined forces with Poseidon Business Development to produce a new recyclable dispensing pack, which uses no plastic, for its Boost Buddy range of multivitamins.

The pack, which acts as both a primary pack and transit case, holds four drawers or trays each containing seven capsules providing enough multivitamins for a week. Its components have been printed in up to five colors at Chesapeake Leicester.

According to Chesapeake, the small size of the pack’s inner carton trays required skill in gluing while an alternative to traditional creases had to be developed to produce the carton trays.

A series of partial cuts, instead of solid creases have been used to make sure that each carton folded perfectly.

Chesapeake design & development director Gill Wright said one capsule at a time was required to be dispensed without losing the carton tray’s integrity.

"This was overcome by adding a perforation door to each tray that allowed only one capsule to be released at a time," Wright said.

The pack’s design aids the delivery of a daily supplement regime. Its outer sleeve has been developed from one piece of cartonboard to reduce inventory and provide an integral pack that allowed it to be used for transit.

Each tray inside is placed into the folder which has thumb hole sized apertures to allow the trays to slide out easily. The trays remain in a tight formation in the original intended footprint once the pack is closed.

The front of the holder displays product information cards on each vitamin type. The shrink wrapped pack is ready for dispatch once an address label has been added, the company said.