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Chesapeake introduces ultra-low migration ink system

UK-based self-adhesive label manufacturer Chesapeake Bristol has launched the new ultra-low migration (ULM) ink system.

ultra-low migration (ULM) ink system

The launch follows trial and tests conducted by the company to use one of the latest and safest inks available.

According to the company, the shift to the food products of some chemicals from types of packaging ink, stimulated changes to ink formulations and type of packaging substrates.

Bristol managing director Andy Walter said upon completing and validating the test results the company wanted to move to an ultra-low migration ink system.

"As part of this process, we’ve changed our ink stocks, conducted trials and completed profiling tests. For us, this move to an improved lower migration ink system was an easy decision," Walter said.

The inks have been independently tested on paper and filmic substrates and are claimed to have a higher propensity to migrate through primary packaging into some food types.

Chesapeake Group Packaging & Safety compliance officer Elaine Murray said, "Testing had been conducted in accordance with the guidelines set out in the BPIF Labels GMP."

The move is expected to support compliance of ten Chesapeake carton production sites with ECMA’s GMP for food packaging production.


Image: Ultra-low migration ink containers. Photo: Courtesy of Chesapeake Limited