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Cerutti approves guidance system from QuadTech for packaging presses

Cerutti Packaging and Equipment (CPE), a subsidiary of Italy-based Cerutti Group has announced the approval of the QuadTech’s Autotron 2600 Register Guidance System with ClearLogic to be used as a standard feature on its gravure packaging presses.

Regardless of ink, speed or substrate, the Autotron 2600 Register Guidance System gains control and can measure opaque, transparent, reflective substrates including biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP), metalized film and high-gloss cast.

The system works with the Cerutti Auto Presetting System (CAPS) as an integrated and flexible tool for reducing waste at the start of new and repeat jobs during the first phase of production. The ability of the press to pre-set the cylinder positions, enables it to lock into register seconds and helps it maintain tolerances throughout the print run.

QuadTech general manager of packaging Randy Freeman said with the ability to pre-set, store and share information though the jointly-developed interface, the next job can be set up while the current job is running and corrected within in a run length to precise register.

"This eliminates time-consuming manual intervention and waste," Freeman added.

The Cerutti packaging gravure presses will use QuadTech’s Autotron 2600 register scanning heads to assist in phasing and sequencing all of the cylinders into register.

In the process, programmable scanning-heads and pre-set capabilities are used, which access stored job parameters for easy alignment, regardless of substrate. It easily switches between paper and film or foil modes without having to stop the press.

Through the joint ethernet interface, the scanning heads then send corrections recognizing register errors invisible to the human eye, giving the operator control over make-ready and quality.