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Celsius to roll out 12oz can with upscale packaging

Celsius is rolling out brighter-colored, upscale packaging with a single 12oz can.

Celsius CEO Gerry David said the new package design is very important to Celsius, because it clearly positions Celsius as a premium brand that resonates with Celsius target consumer.

"The primary, differentiating messages — burn more calories and lasting energy — are prominently featured in a clean, fresh design," David said.

The aluminum cans are being supplied by Rexam, while aluminum lids come from Ball.
The new packaging design highlights ‘Burn Calories and Provides Lasting Energy’ on the front of the can.

Sold in five flavors, three carbonated and two non-carbonated, the sugar-free, vitamin-enhanced drinks aim to help health-conscious consumers stay fit by burning calories, raising metabolism, and providing lasting energy before, during, and after an exercise regimen.

Single cans retail for $1.99, with four-packs priced at $7.49 with shelf life of 15 months for carbonated versions & 18 months for noncarbonated offerings.